5 Ways to Use Candles in Your Home

Candles are renowned for being the perfect gift for someone else or a delicious treat for yourself to enjoy at home. Grace of Galway has delicious Luxury Candles available in 12 signature fragrances which are unique to our products. With our candles you can be sure in fall in love with every single fragrance and the beautiful aromas that they will introduce to you home. Candles are multifaceted in their use in the home and are no longer the drab house candle sticks that are staved away under the sink for emergencies!

Here’s 5 ways you can use candles in your home:

1. Luxurious Bubble Bath with Candles

Sometimes you need to get away without actually going anywhere. Take a bubble bath! You need to do this right though, for it to have the desired effect. This means infusing the water with relaxing oils, salts or bubble solution and having everything ready on hand so you don’t hop in and realise your favourite face mask is on the other side of the room. AND light some candles! The low light and relaxing aromas will have you in a whole new state of being, away from the stress and chaos on the other side of the bathroom door.

Our recommendations: Singapore Orchid, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Dragons Blood 

2. Entertaining Friends

Got some last minute plans with friends or family coming over to visit? Your house is no where near the kind of ready you prefer for receiving guests? Light some candles! Do a 5 minute power clean, packing everything away into a basket or box for later clearing away clutter and distractions then set some beautiful scented candles on a table. Your guests will never know it wasn’t like this before they arrived and they will be absolutely mesmerised by your sumptuous smelling home!

Our recommendations: Turkish Delight, Cinnamon Apple, Tuscany Blood Orange, French Vanilla

3. Housekeeping

One thing is for sure, not many people love cleaning. You can make it so much more enjoyable however, when you light one of our fresh, fruity smelling candles to uplift and invigorate you and your home. Furthermore, with one of our candles burning you’ll be able to get rid of the smell of cleaning products throughout your home much faster!

Our recommendations: Bamboo Musk, Cucumber melon, Sweet Lemongrass, Watermelon

4. Romantic Nights in

Dates can be expensive sometimes, right? Treat your lover to a deluxe home date experience. Make sure your home is clean and presentable so they will feel comfortable and relaxed while spending time with you. You don’t need to be a Master Chef in the kitchen to impress either! Serve up a cheese board or some appetisers that you know they will love! This may mean doing some covert research if you don’t know what they like yet! Ask! Make sure they aren’t allergic to anything too!  Depending on the weather you could try for an outdoor garden style picnic or even indoors. It can be very romantic to have a blanket and some throw pillows placed around for comfort. Also, light those candles. Nothing says romance like dining by soft candle light. Some says it’s the best light for falling in love!

Our recommendations: Dragons Blood, Cinnamon Apple

5. Relaxation, wellbeing and self care

One of the most decadent things you can do for yourself is to simply allow you to do nothing. That’s right! Turn your electronic devices off, put them away and stop working! Self care is so important to looking after our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Light some candles and have time for yourself and you’ll be better focused in other areas of your life. Any of our fragrances will benefit you in spending quality time for yourself. Meditate, read a book or magazine, do a crossword puzzle and simply enjoy relaxing in a calm ambient smelling space.

Our recommendations: All of them! 

Luxury Fragranced Candles

Grace of Galway

Grace of Galway

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